Alumni Initiative

Decades of Alumni Coming Together

From humble beginnings in 1971 to the little team from Oregon in the early 2000s to the world-class corps we know and love today, OC has a long lineage of alumni. And it’s time to bring all of our alumni back with the corps in our Alumni Initiative. 

Alumni Registration

We encourage all alumni to register for our alumni initiative to be kept up to date on OC Alumni events and opportunities that are part of this initiative. Being registered with the Alumni Initiative will also help expedite your RSVP’s for events and opportunities as well.

Currently, there is only standard membership available. We are working on a premium membership with more benefits that will open up in the near future.

Standard Membership includes:
• Receive alumni news from the AI
• Participate in alumni events
• Get your corps necklace quicker
                (must be in good standing with the corps to receive)

Register for the Alumni Initiative

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2018 Alumni Events and Opportunities


Reserve your corps necklace now for pick up during the 2018 tour! Just fill out this form and we will get it ready for you at your designated pickup location.

*This is NOT for those who wish to have a necklace mailed to them post-season*

Reserve Necklace


After our home show, Drums of Fire, we hold our corps necklace ceremony to reward the members for their hard work during training to get the show on the field by giving them their corps necklace. We invite alumni to come be a part of the moment, assisting in the ceremony by handing out necklaces to the new members and being a part of this new tradition.

Every year we also invite an alumnus to come run the ceremony, by reminding the corps the meanings of our necklace and what it means to be an Oregon Crusader. The selected alumni for 2018 is Hailee Reeder, who marched in 2016 and designed the corps necklace.

Drums of Fire is on July 6th, 2018 at Evergreen High School in Vancouver, WA. If you want to join us for this special moment please send an email to