GOAL: $8000 By June 30th!

Let’s Go The Extra Mile

A very generous donor is sponsoring our new ATV trailer! Can we all go the extra mile and match that donation of $1850 by our deadline of June 30th? 



We’ve had some fleet pains over the past few months and could use your help!

  • Front Ensemble Trailer we used for moving the ATV, and equipment onto the field
    • What Happened: We do store our equipment in a secured storage facility, but the trailer was taken from the facility nonetheless… This vehicle has become essential for our front ensemble to tow our ATV (luckily, this is still with us) and then to transport the front ensemble equipment onto the field.  We feel badly for our stolen trailer, because whatever that is using it for now is not nearly as awesome as what it was doing this time last year. Cost estimate: $2000
  • Van replacement – Hit on both sides (driver and passenger)
    • What Happened: During the winter percussion season, the drivers side was hit in a hit and run (no injuries, and van still operable), and then recently the same thing happened on the passenger side… again no injuries. Sure, you could say “Hey, your dents are “matchies!” but that’s not how we roll, so we need to rent another van and make essential repairs to this one. Cost estimate: $6000

Help us reach our goal of $8,000 to have a strong start to our tour both on the road and the field!