A Renewed Cultural Focus for 2019

The Oregon Crusaders would like to thank the over 200 people who were part of the OC family in 2018. It truly takes a village, and together we have created memories that will last a lifetime.

The drum corps activity is always in motion, as are the Oregon Crusaders. Just as the fleet returns home and the members have said their goodbyes to their friends, it’s time to review the past season and then look ahead to plan the next step in our journey.

In evaluating the 2018 season, there were many people, several members and staff included, that didn’t feel heard or supported this season. The Board of Directors and administrators want to provide the most progressive, positive, and fulfilling culture in all of drum corps. In order to accomplish that, we are planning several steps to improve communications channels.

Among other activities that we’ll outline in the coming weeks, we will be creating overarching staff and administration sensitivity and cultural training. We will also be chartering a Human Resources Committee of the board that will serve as a common channel for all personnel-related policies, practices, and escalations of staff and member concerns.

While many of the relevant human resources policies already existed, the Board strengthened them this past spring in response to Drum Corps International’s efforts in this area (http://oregoncrusaders.org/policies-and-procedures). We have also reached out to other drum corps leaders to ensure that we include the best practices available in the activity. We are pleased to announce that Donna Batchelor, co-chair of the Drum Corps Board Consortium, will serve as an independent consultant with the Oregon Crusaders’ board and administrative leadership throughout this process.

We will also re-emphasize the qualities that we as Oregon Crusaders value most — love, support, equality, understanding, teamwork, strength, confidence, and professionalism. Our OC team will be the first to dedicate ourselves to those qualities, and if you have an interest in being with the Oregon Crusaders for the 2019 season and becoming a part of this renewed and exciting cultural focus, we welcome you!

Thank you, and we look forward to seeing you on the road ahead.

Dr. Phil Marshall

President, Board of Directors