A Focus on Value

It can be difficult to explain the impact that a program like this has on a young person.  Personal responsibility, attention to detail, teamwork, learning to getting along with others, personal sacrifice, confidence and self-respect are just a some of the valuable lessons and skills that members will take away from a season with Oregon Crusaders.   

Understanding OC’s Costs

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We believe that the cost for a season of Oregon Crusaders is an incredible value. Consider the following chart that compares the daily cost of a season with Oregon Crusaders to other music and summer camp experiences in the area.

While the duration of many of these programs is considerably less, they may cost more for the entire program and cost more to participate per day. They also may not provide the longer lasting immersion experience as a full season of Oregon Crusaders.

Oregon Ambassadors of Music 95
Long Lake Camp for the Arts 90
Marrowstone Music Festival 85
Stradavari Academy 75
Northwest Band Camp (Twin Rocks) 70
University of Oregon Music Camp 60
Camp Angelos 55
Young Musicians and Artists Portland 50
Music Camps at Wallowa Lake 30
OC 20