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Being an Oregon Crusader

What does it mean?

The Oregon Crusaders is a close-knit, dynamic youth performance organization with an impressive track record. With a philosophy of Education Through Performance, OC provides a unique experience in promoting leadership, discipline, team-building, and confidence. OC sustains a culture that fosters lasting friendships, and when paired with its exceptionally high performance quality, the result is a high-energy corps whose dedication pays off for the group as a whole, and for its individual members.

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Oregon Crusaders is a family

Being an Oregon Crusader has made me realize the potential I have inside of me. I am a more confident person and I have some of the best friends I’ve ever made. It’s been a truly life changing experience.
Megan Caldwell
Being an Oregon Crusader means: rehearsing like machines, performing like superstars, and always being the nitpicky, enthusistic, bandnerds we were designed to be.
Caleb Pifer
Being an Oregon Crusader means growing from ordinary into extraordinary, fostering a pursuit of excellence both on and off the field.
Nathan Woods
Being an Oregon Crusader means teamwork, tenacity, and family. Once a Crusader, always a Crusader—and memories to last a lifetime.
Ambar Arries
Being an Oregon Crusader is a coming of age ritual, I grew there more than I have anywhere.
Nathaniel Potterinski
To me, it’s meant more self-discovery than I ever expected to gain in an activity. I’ve made timeless bonds and built skills from nothing.
As a Crusader, I’m proud of how unique we are in what we do, always pushing for excellence with just a little Northwest-spice.
Anna Quenemoen
Being a part of The Oregon Crusaders really defines the difference between mediocre and excellence, both on and off the field.
Brooks O'Dizzell
To me being an Oregon Crusader is one the proudest accomplishments in life. From the summers that have shaped and changed my life, to the people that have become my family, it has given a chance to be a leader, and it has given me a love for pageantry and music that I will hold dear to my heart forever. And that’s why I stand a little taller every time I throw on my corps jacket or my uniform. It’s because all in all I’m damn proud to be an Oregon Crusader
Nick Bledsoe
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You trying out for OC this year?


Awww yeh. This year is going to be off the charts!


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