Help OC from A to B 2017-12-08T18:05:16+00:00

Thank you to our 2017 OCA2B Donors!

With your help we raised over $13,000!

Drum corps takes a lot.

It takes a lot of rehearsal, a lot of sunblock, A LOT of food and A LOT of miles… roughly 800 individual meals a day and 14,000 miles a season. To keep this machine running season after season, it also takes a lot of HELP.

If you help get OC from A to B this summer—we’ll give you the recognition you deserve!

Sponsor $10 or more worth of meals or miles for the corps, and get your name shouted out through our social media channels when we reach the destination that you sponsored—SO DON’T MISS THIS CHANCE TO BE RECOGNIZED—as well as a great opportunity to support your favorite drum corps (and gain a little internet fame in the process)!