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2016 Mail Drops

Parents get just as excited as the kids!

The drum corps program and experience that we provide is youth-based, ages 14 – 21. As such, we believe that parents play a vital role in the success of your child’s experience, as well as the overall team. This page will provide some of the information and insight about the Oregon Crusaders organization, as well as the drum corps activity. Why should you support your student in their pursuit of becoming a member of a drum corps? 

Drum Corps International (DCI) has provided an excellent Overview and Q&A for parents about the drum and bugle corps activity that may help answer this question. Prospective members will also find it to be an interesting read.

Go to the DCI Parent Primer

At Oregon Crusaders, we believe in the benefits of playing a musical instrument and, through our own empirical experience, have acquired a personal understanding and *know* that it improves cognitive abilities and quality of life.

Watch this Ted video about how playing an instrument benefits your brain.