System Blue Brass Instruments for Sale


  • 2017 System Blue Trumpet SB10, $1050
  • 2017 System Blue Trumpet, SB12, $1200
  • 2017 System Blue Mellophone, SB20, $1300
  • 2017 System Blue Euphonium, SB30-LE, $1600
  • 2017 System Blue Tuba, SB50, $4200

The Oregon Crusaders is pleased to be selling our brass instruments purchased in 2017. These are all like new.  All instruments are sold with ABS cases.

Ready to ship July 1.

Purchase information: Don Click  – – 713-540-5787 (cell)

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The SB10 & SB12 Trumpet

The SB30-LE Euphonium

The SB20 Mellophone

The System Blue SB50 Tuba

*Shipped 8-12 weeks after order