TAMA Marching Battery

Beautiful TAMA battery drums used for only one season! Complete with custom Randy May carriers, along with stands and covers, these drums will make for a fantastic sound and dramatic effect!

  • Five 14X12 Marching Snares with TAMA stands and carriers, custom Randy May carriers and covers

  • Two 68101213-14 Deep Tenors with stands and harnesses, custom Randy May carriers and covers

  • All drums have high quality Remo drumheads

  • The battery and all related equipment comes complete with a 12′ handy trailer!


$900 for Snare+carrier+stand

$1200 for quad+carrier+stand

Note that all drums are Satin Black Lacquer finish. The drum slips are from our 2018 production RedRum.

The Oregon Crusaders thanks TAMA for their ongoing support of the Oregon Crusaders