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$24,400 raised so far! THIS IS OUR TRAILER!

Help OC to hit the road in style in 2017!

When 150 drum corps performers travel over 12,000 miles each summer to over 20 of the country’s biggest venues, there’s a behind-the-scenes member of our team that’s bigger than any other. It’s our equipment trailer, and for the last 10 years we’ve gotten by with a 43 foot-long trailer, circa 1977, that has given as much as it can. Now it’s time for us to replace it with a new trailer, and build it out to meet the growth and demand of DCI’s newest world class corps.

Make a Contribution NOW

Help us reach our goal of $30,000!

It costs a lot to build out a world class DCI trailer:

  • Metal work ($12,000)
  • Cabinetry ($11,000)
  • Electrical, mechanical, generator, etc ($3,900)
  • Paint and lettering ($3,100)

With your help, we can continue to build on our history of success and provide a world class performing arts experience for hundreds of performers each year.

Allow us to say “Thanks!”

  • $20 – $49: Thanks in the OC Home Show Program
  • $50-$249: The above plus an OC coffee mug
  • $250-499: Above plus black OC polo shirt
  • $500-$999: Above plus name on rear door
  • $1000-$1499: Above plus 4 tickets to your local DCI show
  • $1500-$4999: Above plus permanent plaque inside trailer
  • $5000+: Above plus DCI championship week show tickets for two