Oregon Crusaders Volunteer Sign-Up

Why Volunteer?

We have camps all over the continental United States and during the summer we travel over 12,000 miles this season. We need to ensure anyone who auditions, performs, or works with us is well taken care of. We need you to ensure everything moves as smoothly as possible. Tasks we need volunteers for will 100% come up daily and many hands make light work!

Follow the steps below to sign-up to volunteer for specific dates with the Oregon Crusaders. Please contact our Volunteer Coordinator Miranda Clayton at mirandaclayton9@gmail.com if you have any questions.

How To Sign Up To Volunteer

1. Fill Out the Volunteer Form

Summer Volunteering

2. Join the BAND Group


Download an app called BAND to your mobile phone. The app is free and what Miranda will be using to contact and organize volunteers this season. If you have trouble with this step please contact Miranda and she will help you out. The icon can be seen to the right.  

Android Download | Apple Download

3. Discuss the Details

Miranda will review your volunteer form submission and contact you to make further arrangements. Welcome to the team!