System Blue Brass Instruments for Sale

The Oregon Crusaders is pleased to be selling our brass instruments purchased in 2017.  All instruments are sold with ABS cases.

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  • All System Blue Instruments have an industry standard tuning gauge built right into the tuning slides for quick section wide tuning. These tuning marks allow you to adjust the entire ensemble’s tuning in just a few seconds. Read more about the System Blue Graduated Tuning Guides here:
  • System Blue Brass Instruments have been ergonomically designed with more of the weight of the instrument shifted towards the player’s body. This ensures a more balanced instrument to help alleviate fatigue on the players.
  • The SB10 and SB12 Trumpets are designed to be in tune at all temperature ranges. Great for hot band camp days as well as chilly fall contest days
  • When using a full System Blue choir, the tuning across the ensemble is easier by way of cross-section design. Not only are each section of instruments designed to have the same tuning tendencies, section to section tuning make full choir tuning a breeze.
  • Watch the gap! Where the mouthpiece meets the lead pipe are meticulously measured on assembly and QC. This allows each instrument, regardless of choir, slot better and provide more consistency.
  • All System Blue instruments come with a rugged ABS case to protect them during the rigorous loading and unloading of the truck.
  • System Blue stocks an adequate amount of repair parts in the Kansas City facility. They even consults with local dealers and repair facilities to ensure your instrument is being repaired back to the highest quality standards even if you choose to send it to your local dealer.

The SB10 & SB12 Trumpet

The SB30-LE Euphonium