While we prep for the 2018 season, we wanted to share some more developments and changes coming from us at the Oregon Crusaders.

OC has brought on Keith Jones as our Food Coordinator, who has been working with our current cook team and health teams to develop an improved meal plan for our corps.

“As a chef, my number one goal is to serve honest food. Honest food meaning delicious, health conscious, and nutritious. I’ve always been a fan the marching arts. So, when Mike Grimes, Oregon Crusaders Corps Director, approached me about working with the Oregon Crusaders, I was ecstatic to work with them.” Jones says of this opportunity.

“As I’m a formally trained chef, one of our priorities was obviously going to be making our food program even better.” says Grimes. “Working with Chef Keith Jones, a friend, and local Louisville chef, he agreed to come on board to work with our Health & Wellness Team in order to develop a new & healthy menu that focuses on nutrition and appropriate portions for our marching athletes.”

Our veteran head cook Steve Perry will be returning to implement this new meal plan for the season, with the assistance of Jones during our move-in period in June.

The team has been working on meal planning and beginning an early stocking of our mobile pantry to be fully prepared to provide the Oregon Crusaders nutritious and delicious meals during the season. They have been working on many improvements to take care of our members and fuel the hard work they do.

Learn more about Keith Jones, Steve Perry, and Mike Grimes on our Operations Team page.