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We couldn’t do what we do with you.  Of the over $700,000 in revenue that it takes to run our organization, and over 100,000 hours of donated time and over $100,000 in donated items, the most important ingredient to OC’s success is… you.  All contributions translate directly into the quality of the programming that we’re able to offer our students throughout the year.  This is just a few ways that you can help.

Ways to Donate

Whether a one-time donation or a recurring monthly donation, those who donate become a member of our OC Star Program and your contribution represents a significant down payment toward the future of our young students. Donations are tax-deductible.
Perhaps you want to help out a specific student participate in OC. That’s great! HERE is where we make that very easy. Contributions toward member participation are not tax-deductible.
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Ways to Volunteer

CDL drivers and non-CDL drivers are needed for camps and tour, with over a dozen vehicles safely transporting our equipment and our most important cargo – our people – from place to place. We’re flexible on when you drive, but if you choose to drive you’ll see some beautiful country and experience a whole lotta drum corps!
Over 800 yards of fabric somehow make its way onto the football fields of America as a result of our master seamstress Lucie and her army of helpers. If you’ve got the skills, we will be able to put them to good use!
Needless to say, 150 performers and 25 staff eat a lot of food! Shopping for the food (economically), serving and preparing the food is perhaps the most important of all our jobs, and we’d love to get your help… even if it’s just a day’s worth of meals.
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Recurring Donation

Choose your desired amount from the drop-down menu below to begin your recurring donation submission.

Corporate Giving and Matching

Did you know that most companies will match a cash donation, or even donate to OC based on your volunteer time with us? See the list HERE of Oregon-based companies that donate, and HERE is a letter you can use to seek a donation if they’re not on the list.
Would you believe that even if your company doesn’t have a match program, they may still donate to OC. Why? Because you support OC and they support you. Find out how
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Items and Services We Need

Our food budget is nothing short of enormous. But there’s something that makes it come way, way down – donations of food items! We are in need of dry stock items such as pasta, canned vegetables and fruit, pasta sauce, gatorade (the really big cans of it), along with plastic utensils and napkins. And during the season we really need hamburger, chicken, and eggs. Lots of eggs. You can donate to Fill Our Pantry here. 
We are on the hunt for a bookkeeper that can help us with all our books and work closely with our Treasurer to make sure that our Quickbooks entries are set. Taking money at camps and on tour would be a big plus!
We are looking for help in administration to help us with thank-you letters, getting housing set up, and making sure that all tour preparations and paperwork are handled in a timely way.
Fill Our Pantry
Tell us what you have

Bryan Johnston Scholarship

Bryan Johnston left us in 2008 with a greater respect for collaborative issues through respectful dialogue. We need your help to continue his legacy of education through performance. The Oregon Crusaders is establishing the Bryan Johnston Music Education Scholarship Fund to support youth who wished to be involved in a world class youth performing arts organization, but are financially unable to pay the tuition to participate. Applicants will be evaluated for their performance abilities, their devotion to teamwork, and their financial need.

Donate to the Scholarship