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Oregon Crusaders provides a life-changing youth performing arts experience

Serving 250+ students each year and having served thousands of students since the 1970’s, the Oregon Crusaders provides world class education through performance in the areas of percussion, brass, dance and visual ensemble artistry.

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Our Ensembles

Our corps leadership team

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Mike Quillen – Executive Director

Mike combines his experience of than 30 years of high-tech engineering and management, with his life-long passion for music, teaching, and drum corps. As a member of drum corps as a kid, Mike attributes much of his success in his life to the lessons of playing an instrument, being in an high-performing ensembles, and the teamwork that it takes to achieve something greater than yourself.

Ian Flint – Program Coordinator and Visual Caption Supervisor

Ian, hailing from Dartmouth, Massachusetts, Ian is fast becoming a NW transplant as he leads the design and instructional team for OC this year.   As a as Band Director at Darmouth HS and his experience with many drum corps, marching band and percussion ensembles, Ian has the skills that make him a great fit to lead OC.  Ian is also the Visual Designer for OC Indoor.

Adam Sage – Artistic Director and Choreographer

Adam has an extensive history with drum corps, band and winter guard programs. He was the caption head and designer for the Santa Clara Vanguard in 2003 and 2004, Phantom Regiment 2005 through 2008 including “Spartacus”, and for Carolina Crown Drum and Bugle Corps from 2009-2011. Most recently, Adam was the color guard caption head and designer for the Madison Scouts from 2012-2014. He is also the director and designer for the highly successful Kennesaw Mountain High School Color Guard in Kennesaw, Georgia.

Mike Stevens – Percussion Supervisor & OC Indoor Director

Northwest native Mike Stevens joins OC for his 5th year, leading all of the percussion programs at OC.  Mike’s passion and commitment to excellence helps elevate the organization and, more importantly, his students.  Mike is also the Director of OC Indoor.

Bradley Green – Brass Supervisor and Arranger

Newcomer Brad Kerr Green hails from Mississippi but, is no stranger to the drum corps world, having been a winner of the Jim Jones’ Leadership award, a member of Blast!, and teaching some of the top brass ensembles in the world.  OC is excited about having Brad on board as the Brass Arranger and Brass Caption Supervisor.

Tim Snyder – Brass Caption Head

Tim joins Brad Green in leading the OC Brass line, with experience leading and training the brass lines of the Troopers, Madison Scouts, and Carolina Crown.

Charlotte Morrow – Colorguard Supervisor and OC Independent Director

A Pacific NW native, Charlotte joins OC for her 5th year at OC and is responsible for all Colorguard programs. Charlotte is a passionate and committed member of the OC staff and brings a wealth of performing and teaching experience to the organization.   Charlotte is also the Director of Oregon Crusaders Independent.

Addison Kaeterle – Choreographer & Color Guard Caption Head

Addison Kaeterle has been working closely with Program Coordinator Ian Flint for many years, creating some of the most recognized and award-winning shows in the high school marching band and winter competitive circuits, along with the Spartans Drum & Bugle Corps

Dr. Christopher Whyte – Front Ensemble Design & Caption Supervisor

An Oregon native, Chris is an active performer and educator in the Pacific NW, and brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to OC’s percussion ensembles.  This will be Chris’s 4th season with OC.

Oregon Crusaders

Performance.  Art.

The Oregon Crusaders holds a deep-seated philosophy of Education Through Performance.  Our purpose is to provide world class education through performance in the areas of percussion, brass, dance and visual ensemble artistry.

OC has consistently achieved artistic and performance excellence, and is recognized as an exceptional and excellence-driven group. With the inclusion of a leadership curriculum drawing upon top training methodologies used in corporate America, the organization provides educational, cultural, interpersonal, physical and emotional growth necessary for our young people to become leaders.

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We couldn’t do it without you

Each year countless people give of their time, their skills, and money to help the members of the Oregon Crusaders achieve excellence.  Consider what you might do to generously help the organization to grow and to continue to provide these programs to the most incredible young people in the world.

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Our friends below make it possible to make dreams come true.  Thank you for all that you do for us.

“Someone asked me the other day what my biggest achievement in life is so far.  It was what I accomplished this summer. OC taught me so much about myself and life in general. I am a better person, thanks to each and every person I met.”

  – Quinn Johnston, #OC14

Being apart of OC is the truest testament to a person’s commitment and ability. Being in the Oregon Crusaders isn’t just about performing, it’s about family.
Matt Wurst, OC
Being an Oregon Crusader: pushing your mind, body and skills beyond what you ever believed to be possible
Shannon O'Leary, OC
To me, being a member of OC means feeling like I can do anything. The little team from Oregon that became a big part of my life.
Douglas Withrow

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